Of Edits & Re-edits!

I have been on blogging sites since 2012 and this is my third attempt at staying true to the purpose of creating a blog – growing as a writer in this highly saturated blogging market, where every Tom Dick and Harry who does not qualify academically in sciences takes up writing. In each of the past two tries I have found myself not disciplined enough to write often. Hence, in this final try I have decided to embrace myself and also decided to alter the purpose instead of trying to change myself. And thus, ladies and gentlemen, I give you – ‘The Occasional writer’ who is like a torch in Volantis: Hardly found and hence Invaluable yet irrelavant – coz, you know, you are dead anyway!

I am sure I will not post often yet I request you to subscribe to not miss out on the story(ies) I may post, Or don’t.

Whether you do or don’t, I do want you to have a great day ahead! Namaskaram! 😀