My letter to The Government of India

Subject: Creation of a newspaper (daily) to be released by government of India and endorsed by UPSC for UPSC aspirants and others

Respected sir,

I write to you today after discovering a disturbing truth about UPSC preparation.

Before I begin, I would like to put forth some numbers for your perusal:

YearAppliedTook PrelimsQualified for MainsAppeared for interviewSelected

A couple of days after The Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 received the President’s accord and became an Act, I happened to be discussing it with a group of IAS and other UPSC aspirants and that is when I discovered how clouded their judgement was about the issue.

Some of them are brilliant students academically and are alumnus of some prestigious universities such as the IIT-K and IIT-Madras. I cannot begin to imagine a nation run by bureaucrats who are so misinformed. Assuming that those who do get selected to serve this great nation are ironed out and are taught on how to make opinions and how to communicate them with the common people of this country, we are still left 98% of aspirants who shall forever remain aspirants. (Statistically, less than 2% get selected) Assuming only those took prelims are serious enough and attend tuitions, that is still a staggering Four Lakh students per year, who shall return to the society with half baked knowledge on everything and most disturbingly, with an ideology.

I was as disturbed as I am about this today, hence, I decided to understand what makes these academically successful students confer to an ideology and more often than not, fall prey to political propaganda.

And I came to two broad conclusions:

1. Sociology students who are in awe of Karl Marx: who will fight tooth and nail to establish that cultural identity of a society is a sham and that the left ideology of any society is the only way to uplift the poor.

2. Misinformed at source: Newspaper.

I write to you today, specifically about the second conclusion.

‘The Hindu’ is the most preferred newspaper amongst the UPSC aspirants, so much so, that even those who are learning English while attempting their exams in Hindi medium also learn English by reading The Hindu newspaper. I visited two UPSC coaching centres here in Bengaluru and spoke to their dean. When questioned about which newspaper they would recommend to their students, without a second thought they both replied, ‘The Hindu, obviously’. After having spoken to some UPSC aspirants from other parts of the country, I have come to conclude that ‘The Hindu’ has a pan India appeal among the UPSC aspirants.

Sir, I would like to walk you through some of the articles of this infamous newspaper:

  1. November 19, 2019 – A misleading headline of how only 31% women receive benefits under PMMVY government scheme. 1
  2. Levelling allegations against the honourable Delhi High court of copy-pasting paragraphs from the court order of another case to ‘Chidambaram bail plea’ court order. The High court came out to clarify that it was not a copy-paste job and asked The Hindu to issue a clarification. Overall, wastage of the already limited time of the High-court. 2
  3. Mischievously cropping the document in order to facilitate the Congress party to make appeals to the court, resulting in further delay of acquisition of Rafale jets. I personally believe this newspaper is complicit of an attempt to dismantle the democracy of this nation by trying to rake up issues so as to fan the political agenda of a political party right before a general election. 3
  4. June 08,2019 Spreading hate and fear among the minority community by lying and twisting facts to suit a pre-decided agenda. Let me enumerate: the article spells out how a mob threw a man’s skull-cap. However, the police report later came out with a CCTV evidence to state that ‘victim’ had removed his own cap and kept it in his pocket. 4 …. The counter-claim – 5

These are just some examples since the last one year excluding the articles on CAA, 2019. I have not included them in this list as there exists a petition against the Act in the honourable Supreme Court.

If Facebook and other social media giants face trial for facilitating a propaganda then I humbly ask you sir, why should Newspapers not be held accountable for their insinuating articles? Is it fair to hide under the garb of free speech-free press and crop the image of a document to mislead masses?

I think we can also conclude that the authors who frequently publish on such second-rate newspapers are also hand-in-glove with the propaganda of these newspapers. While a great many number of letters can be written about the authors on The Hindu, say for example Mr. Ramchandra Guha, I shall limit this letter of mine only to the newspaper.

While these newspapers may have unchecked freedom, I believe, that at least the students and UPSC aspirants can be kept away from this and the path to do so is simple: A newspaper (daily) released by government of India and endorsed by UPSC. A Doordarshan on the paper, if I may.

I pray that you consider my above-mentioned request in the interest of preserving our democracy. And most importantly the young minds ignited to serve our nation in the bureaucratic system, which in the past has created the disgraced and jailed Sanjiv Bhatt, is provided with true and uncorrupted information.

My Name
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